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Get Quality Tree Service in the Triangle

Triangle Tree Pros is here to make the trees in your yard as beautiful and healthy as they can be! We provide tree services in Durham, NC and the surrounding areas to both residents and businesses. Count on our family-owned and operated business for reliable, friendly service every time. We understand how to care for local North Carolina trees, including loblolly pines, red maples, northern red oaks, and more. This means that we will always provide the best possible solution for your specific trees. If desired, we will even work with you to develop an ongoing maintenance plan to ensure all of your trees stay in the best condition possible.

Not sure if Triangle Tree Pros is the right fit for you? Give us a call at (984) 223-6937, and we will provide you with a free estimate for your service. That way you can determine whether or not our Durham tree service fits your budget and needs. Our goal is always customer satisfaction and safety first.

Expert Tree Removal

Diseased or dying trees likely need to be removed, as well as trees that pose safety threats to you as well as your property. Did you know that tree roots can grow into the concrete foundation of your home? They can also penetrate your sewer line or septic system. If this is the case, you may need to call on the experts at Triangle Tree Pros for tree removal in Durham, NC.

Tree removal may also occur for a number of other reasons: a tree fell down partially during a storm, a tree is covered in fungus, or it is infested with pests. Usually when a tree is removed, customers also choose to have the stump ground or removed, as the tree removal process does not include stump removal.

We always put safety first when removing trees. We are licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that we have the training and experience to keep you and your home safe while we cut down or remove any trees. This is not the sort of job that can be performed by an amateur. The process involves assessing the tree to see if it makes sense to remove it in the first place, then using the proper equipment to cut it down safely. Tree removals should only be performed by professionals like Triangle Tree Pros with years of experience working to cautiously determine how to best fell a tree.

Give your friendly tree service company in Durham, Triangle Tree Pros, a call at (984) 223-6937 to receive a free estimate for tree removal, no matter the reason.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Both tree trimming and pruning are services that are necessary to maintain a healthy yard and thriving trees. Each has a slightly different purpose, but both are functionally similar. They involve cutting back the trees in your yard, usually during the dormant season, to assist their future growth, appearance, and overall health. Pruning in particular can save a tree that is unbalanced, diseased, or infested with insects.

Tree Trimming vs. Tree Pruning

Tree trimming focuses on the look of your trees. It’s the process of removing branches and foliage to make a tree more attractive and perhaps remove parts of the tree that are blocking views or light. Certain types of trees benefit from trimming more than others. For example, pines and other evergreens do not needs as much trimming as a deciduous tree.

Tree pruning is a method of clipping back branches that improves the health of the tree. Durham tree care should involve pruning at least once every few years to remove any dead branches, clean up overgrowth, and stop a tree with diseased branches from getting worse.

Efficient Stump Grinding

You’ll notice that many tree service companies in Durham, NC suggest stump grinding after tree removal. We often perform both services one after the other, so as to remove evidence of a tree completely. Stump grinding is an alternative to eliminating the stump completely, and it is preferable to stump removal for a number of reasons:
At Triangle Tree Pros, we specialize in stump grinding and highly recommend it for most of our customers with stumps remaining from formerly removed trees. As a quality Durham tree service, we are happy to remove stumps that have been in your yard for a while, pose risks to you and your family, or were left behind by previous owners of your property. We want you to be safe in your yard, not exposed to the health hazard of unattended stumps.

Lot Clearing for New Projects

Have you recently purchased a new lot and plan to build on it? Or perhaps the land you own hasn’t been regularly maintained and needs a refresh. If so, we offer lot clearing as part of our tree service in Durham, NC and the surrounding areas. Clearing a lot is the process of removing trees, stumps, rocks, brush, shrubs, weeds, and other various debris. This is often included as part of the site preparation for new construction, both commercial and residential. It’s useful too if land has become overgrown or has a substantial number of dead trees, rotting wood, or old stumps. We offer free estimates for Durham-area lot clearing when you call us at (984) 223-6937! The team at Triangle Tree Pros is happy to speak with you and scope your project.

Emergency Tree Service

While it’s best to maintain your trees with an ongoing plan, sometimes you can’t avoid an emergency. Especially living in North Carolina, where there are frequent thunderstorms and high winds to worry about. Tornadoes also pass through Durham sometimes, and all of these types of storms can cause major tree damage. It’s always best to call (984) 223-6937 for emergency tree service in Durham and elsewhere in the Research Triangle, as we always aim to get your yard and home back to normal as quickly as possible. Whether a tree has fallen and needs to be cleared away or you notice a tree leaning, don’t hesitate to contact us for urgent tree care.

Commercial Tree Services for Durham Businesses

You care about our business just as much as we care about ours. That’s why we love to work with our fellow Durham-area businesses and beautify commercial properties throughout the Triangle. From schools to retail to apartment complexes, we can do it all. Commercial tree service in Durham may involve an ongoing maintenance plan for all of the trees on your property, lot clearing when you’re building out new commercial locations, or emergency tree service when something goes wrong. Your business is in good hands with Triangle Tree Pros, especially since our team has nearly 15 years of combined experience in the industry.