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Get Rid of the Stumps in Your Yard in Raleigh, NC

Whenever a tree is removed, the stump remains behind. If you don’t take care of the stump immediately, it can lead to problems in your yard. Plus, it’s not exactly convenient or aesthetically pleasing to have a property full of stumps! That’s why stump grinding is a popular service in combination with tree removal when people call on Triangle Tree Pros. We also offer stump grinding in Raleigh and the surrounding areas in isolation, so if you already have stumps in your yard, we will work with you to grind them down.

Our family-owned and operated company is proud to serve the Triangle with reliable tree service every day. We aim to help our customers improve the look, feel, and health of their landscaping, and stump grinding is a core component of that mission. Plus, we have nearly 15 years of combined tree service experience on the team, which means we are experts in the field and can handle stumps from an array of different trees, no matter the size of the trunk or the root system beneath.

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What is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is the process of grinding a stump down below the surface of the soil. It does not completely remove the root system of the tree. There are both pros and cons to this method of getting rid of a stump, but stump grinding is generally sufficient to meet customer needs without the use of harmful chemicals or an invasive procedure in your backyard. Stump grinding eliminates the appearance of the stump completely and allows for new grass or sod, flower beds, and other plants with shallow root systems to be planted where the former tree once was.

Stump grinding produces woodchips or mulch in a size and quantity much larger than the original size of the stump. This mulch can be used to fill in the hole left by the stump and then some. Most people use the mulch in their yards to fill and fertilize plant beds.

The downside of stump grinding in Raleigh, NC is that there is a small chance of the tree growing back out of the remaining root system. This is relatively unlikely, but it is still a possibility. If you intend to plant a new tree in the exact same spot as the old one, you may also wish to get a full stump removal, as it is difficult for a new tree to grow where

Why Stumps Need to be Removed

When you remove a stump, you eliminate certain safety hazards and risks that an unattended stump may pose. Plus, a leftover stump in your yard is unsightly and may even cause problems with neighborhood associations or HOAs if you do not get it removed in a timely manner. Here are some of the reasons why a stump needs to be ground or removed:

When you have a stump in your yard, call Triangle Tree Pros for expert stump grinding in Raleigh and the surrounding areas. We provide free estimates for stump grinding, as well as related services like tree removal. Call us now at (984) 223-6937 for more information.