Lot Clearing in the Raleigh, NC Area

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Plan for Your New Project With Lot Clearing

When you need to prepare land for a new building project, come to Triangle Tree Pros for lot clearing in Raleigh, NC and the surrounding areas. Lot clearing involves removing trees, shrubs, and other hazards from land. Usually the goal is to prepare that land for a new building project, addition, or other major property transformation, but lot clearing can also be performed if you simply wish to clear out the land on your property.

Every project is different, and at Triangle Tree Pros, we will work with you to define the goals and scope of your land clearing service. We will assess your property and determine what exactly needs to be done. Trust us to do the job right, as our team has nearly 15 years of combined experience in the tree service industry. Call us at (984) 223-6937 to discuss your lot clearing project and get a free estimate today!

What Does Lot Clearing Involve?

Lot clearing can include any of the following services:
Lot clearing in Raleigh, NC may involve heavy-duty equipment, including backhoes and bulldozers, especially if we need to remove any roots. Chainsaws can take care of smaller trees and shrubs, while herbicides may be used to get rid of stubborn vegetation. This is all in service of preparing a lot for whatever you have planned for it.

Reasons for Lot Clearing

Of course, we’ve already discussed why someone might want to hire a tree service company like Triangle Tree Pros for lot clearing in Raleigh, NC, but there are many more reasons why lot clearing is important. When you are building new property or expanding your home, lot clearing is a necessity that will prepare the site for construction. But even when you are not, it can greatly improve many aspects of your land, from general safety to its value. Here are some of the reasons you may want your lot cleared, even when you’re not planning to transform your property:

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