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Tree worker cutting down large tree

What Affects the Cost of Taking Down a Tree?

As a homeowner, you may be faced some day with the unhappy prospect of taking down a tree in your yard. The reasons for the removal can be one of many. The tree may be old, sick and beginning to lean in a way that threatens your property. Its roots may be infiltrating the sewage system and causing backups in your plumbing fixtures. It may also have been planted in the wrong place and is now just too large for the space. The tree may even be dead already and in danger of toppling over, even if you don’t know exactly when this will occur. Each of these problems can affect the cost of taking the tree down.

The Tree Is Large, Old, Heavy or Dying

Taking down a large, old tree is always somewhat risky but can be done safely by a skilled and experienced arborist. However, it becomes especially risky to take down trees whose branches are near power lines. Another factor that makes taking down a tree particularly hazardous is if the tree is dead or dying. Trees that are full of dead wood are unpredictable, and even a still-living tree that has been hollowed out can be dangerous to remove. Other things that make tree removal even more tricky include:

  • Arborists having to climb to great heights to take down the tree
  • Emergency tree removal
  • Tree removal in bad weather
  • Taking down a tree near a busy street or roadway
  • A tree that’s unusually large

The Time It Takes to Remove the Tree

Cost is also affected by how long it takes to remove the tree. The longer it takes to take the tree down, the more the service will cost you.

The Tree Is in a Difficult Location

It’s also more expensive to remove a tree if it’s in a place that’s hard for the arborist’s equipment to access. Places that are difficult to reach include fences, areas with poorly draining soil, the space above a septic tank and gardens that you want to preserve.

The Tree Is Too Close to Your Home

Trees that are too close to your house will take some time to cut down and remove safely. Because of this, the cost of the removal goes up.

Call Our Professionals If You Need Tree Removal

Though it’s sad to see a beloved old tree go because it’s dying or it has become dangerous, it’s necessary for the safety of your property. If you need tree removal and are curious about the cost, don’t hesitate to contact our arborists at Triangle Tree Pros of Raleigh, North Carolina.