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Why You Should Clear Your Lot This Holiday Season

An overgrown lot or section of your property can reduce the value of your land and make it more difficult to sell. These are just a few of the reasons that you should consider tidying up your lot this holiday season before the new year.

Hazards Can Hide in Overgrown Lots

An overgrown lot can become a dumping ground. Everything from tires to old appliances may have been dumped in the area and overcome by plants. Until you really dig into the project, you may not know what you’re facing.

When working to clear out an overgrown lot, it’s critical that you dress appropriately. Gloves, long pants, and long sleeves will be necessary. Heavy duty shoes will protect your toes, and a hard hat may be a good idea. Safety goggles will guard your eyes from wood chips and flying dirt. If the task isn’t something that you want to take on by yourself, hire a professional to help.

Plants, Bugs, and Critters May Surprise

Even if you’re pretty sure that an overgrown lot is only full of unwanted plants, it’s a pretty good idea to move slowly in your cleanup. Work in sections from the outside in, and always take the time to clear away downed weeds and trimmed shrubs or trees to reduce tripping hazards. If you’re unsure how to spot poisonous plants that can cause severe skin irritation, stop the clearing process, and call in a professional.

When trimming away any trees or shrubs, it’s tempting to just keep digging and to let the yard waste pile up behind you. However, that yard waste will tangle in your shoes and put you at risk of a hard fall if you have to move quickly. You don’t want to open up a nest of stinging insects only to turn around and fall as you try to escape. Clean up as you go.

Hire a Professional

If you’re not sure how long an overgrown lot has been lingering or what critters may be living inside the tangle of weeds and shrubs, it’s time to call in someone with the right skills and tools for lot clearing. Our team will also have the tools necessary for grinding stumps and cutting down bigger trees that have sprung up. In the event that there are large rocks littering the landscape, we have the tools to move them safely.

Even if it’s an emergency, book an appointment with Triangle Tree Pros to address an overgrown lot on your Raleigh, NC property. You can look forward to the spring season with a fresh green space that you can customize to your needs.