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Services Included With Your Professional Lot Clearing

Before you begin using your land, you first have to clear it of old buildings, trees, and structures. Professional lot clearing services are an excellent way to prepare your property for your upcoming project. In addition to removing undesirable features, experts can also lay the foundation for utility connections as well as access roads. Here’s what you can expect when you bring in an industry professional to clear your lot.

Land Clearing Process

A land clearing plan begins by surveying your property and comparing it to your building blueprints. This helps your expert determine what needs to be changed or removed from the site. Using industrial machinery like backhoes, your professional will clear any large rocks or vegetation. Trees are also dug up to prevent their extensive root systems from causing future structural damage.

The next part of the process involves grading, which includes properly sloping and leveling the land to fit your needs. Your professional might factor in potential erosion as well as drainage control to ensure the plot will remain even and steady in the coming years. They’ll also help you with installing a new septic system or water well.

Other potential necessary tasks could include digging a new basement or foundation for your building. You may want to demolish existing structures like sheds, garages, and homes. If it’s a fresh site with minimal connections to the road or local community, they can bring in utility lines. Your lot clearing team will also have no problem building or refreshing an access road. This will make it easier to bring in trucks and construction equipment. It may also serve as a foundation for a future parking lot or paved driveway.

The estimated timeframe for your land clearing depends heavily on the size of the land and what needs to be done. The process may take additional time if you need certain building or demolition permits. These authorizations can also add various fees to your project’s costs. It’s helpful to request a full land survey and a complete job quote before starting.

Need for Excavation

Excavation isn’t always necessary when clearing a lot. However, you’ll likely need to consider this service if you’re interested in digging any underground structures like a building’s foundation or basement. Excavation may even be required to create effective farmland or a pasture. After this service, erosion control is a must to prevent the soil from returning to its original shape.

When you need experienced land clearing help, look no further than Triangle Tree Pros. We’re a family-owned business that offers residential and commercial services as well as top-of-the-line customer satisfaction. Call Triangle Tree Pros to ask for more info about our lot clearing options in Raleigh, NC.