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An Overcrowded Canopy Can Leave Your Trees Vulnerable to Storm Damage

Proper pruning can prolong the life of trees on your property, particularly the deciduous trees. An overcrowded tree that provides a block of shade is actually going to be more vulnerable to high winds. A canopy that’s overcrowded will also stay wet from rain or dew and may be more vulnerable to fungi and bacteria.

Timing Your Pruning

Bring an arborist to your property when your trees are in full leaf. At this time, your arborist can help you review the condition of your trees. It’s important to check the leaves, as signs of disease can first appear on leaves. If leaves are discolored or missing, it’s an indication that that particular branch may be diseased.

In addition to removing diseased branches, your arborist can note which branches may be rubbing against one another. Leaves create a great deal of wind resistance. It’s possible that you may not notice these branches rubbing once the leaves drop since the branches are less likely to catch the wind when bare. Rubbing branches can damage bark and leave the tree vulnerable to pests.

Removing diseased or rubbing branches in the summer is a crucial first step in creating a healthy tree canopy. Because summer pruning can be tough on a tree, it’s best to save necessary but not urgent projects until after the leaves drop.

Dormant Trimming Projects

Once the leaves drop and the temperature cools, your arborist can come in and work on other trimming needs for your healthy canopy. At this time, it may be a good idea to take off bigger branches that are a nuisance, such as those that are low enough to make mowing difficult or those that hang out over buildings.

Work with your arborist to stay aware of diseases and pests that can put your trees at risk. If you’ve noticed stinging insects around a particular tree, it may be time to consider getting the hive moved by a professional. While supporting pollinators is a necessity, some insects can do a great deal of harm to older trees on your property.

By staying ahead of pest infestations, destructive insects, and pathogens, you can enjoy a healthy shade canopy for years to come. Regular monitoring of the trees on your property can also lessen the risk of property damage from falling branches during high winds.

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