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Promote Biodiversity By Taking Out Dying or Poorly Placed Trees

There are many trees and shrubs that you can plant to make your yard more inviting to wildlife. A failing tree can also attract wildlife, but a dying tree can invite pests and destructive insects and animals. If your property includes a tree that is in poor shape, removing it may give you many benefits.

Study the Canopy

A failing tree will become evident in spring and summer. If you have a tree that is showing more dead branches than leafy ones, you need to schedule an appointment with an arborist to inspect your tree. If the tree is young, pruning may bring back some vigor. If the tree is old, removing it may be the best choice.

A professional arborist can help you determine what risks the tree offers. Branches that were broken by storms may have led to bacterial or fungal infections. If the trunk of the tree was cracked or torn by storm damage, there may be hollow spots full of stinging insects or mammalian pests. Removing such a tree may take treatment from a beekeeper or a pest removal professional.

Consider Replacements

Once you take out a problem tree, you’ll change several things from the ground up. Some areas of your yard may suddenly get a lot of sun. These spots may be great places to put in plants loaded with red to draw in bees and hummingbirds. Flowering and fruiting trees could add to the beauty and the biodiversity of your yard.

You might also choose to plant a vegetable garden with all this extra sun. Alternatively, you could visit a local nursery and get information on native plants that need support in your area.

When You Have a Great Tree in the Wrong Spot

It’s possible that your tree is perfectly healthy but in the wrong location. If there’s a healthy tree that is a threat to your foundation or leaning over your garage roof, getting it taken out can save you a great deal of damage and reduce your repair costs.

Consider getting this tree ground up for as much mulch as possible. Safely mulched plants require much less water and will thrive in extreme heat.

Talking with a skilled tree professional and scheduling regular trimming and pruning is a great way to protect your current trees. The professionals at Triangle Tree Pros can also help you improve the biodiversity of your property in Raleigh, NC with careful and exact tree extractions when necessary, so call today.