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Be Proactive About Trees on Your Commercial Property

While this region is well-known for its Comice pear trees, it’s home to many other tree varieties. In fact, many commercial locations will invest in trees for their landscape to enhance their property’s curb appeal. As a business owner, there are some key things that you’ll want to do to prevent any problems with the trees on your commercial lot.


Pruning is essential for any tree to ensure its overall health. This process involves removing dead and diseased branches to help minimize their effect on the tree’s overall health. Additionally, removing these weakened branches goes a long way in protecting pedestrians and vehicles on your property from harm. There’s no telling when a storm with heavy wind gusts may skirt through and cause damaged limbs and branches to fall on vehicles or pedestrians.

Pest and Disease Inspection

An experienced arborist can provide top-quality pest and disease inspections for all types of trees. A visible inspection will help identify any potential issues that your tree may be developing. Traditionally, when caught early on, these problems can be treated with the right insecticide or pesticide. With prompt treatment, the overall integrity of the tree can be sustained. Otherwise, you risk a decaying tree that could not only harm others but will also cost you more money to eventually replace.

Stump Removal

When your tree ends up being a sacrifice from a nasty storm or reaches the end of its life span, you may have it cut down. However, the stump that remains can be a real hazard to your employees and guests. Getting that stump removed is ideal for clearing the area and enhancing its overall aesthetic value. Furthermore, it gives you the possibility of planting a new tree in its place.

Tree Planting and Fertilizing

When you decide that you want to have trees on your commercial property, it can be tempting to simply purchase them and try to plant them on your own. However, that’s not the best option. A commercial tree service will be able to provide you with the best suggestions on trees to meet the individual needs of your property. They’ll also work to properly fertilize those trees to ensure your investment remains healthy and happy. When you invest in commercial tree services, you can prevent problems like choosing an invasive tree species and having trees die due to lack of nutrition.

Having trees on your commercial property can boost its aesthetics, help keep your ground dry, and even provide convenient shade on those hot summer days. However, commercial tree services are an absolute necessity to ensure the health and safety of your trees. Call Triangle Tree Pros today for the best commercial care to ensure the longevity and aesthetic appeal of the trees on your property in Raleigh, NC.