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Top 3 Tree Diseases That Require Emergency Tree Service

A sickly, dull tree can massively affect the look of your outdoor space, and that explains why you should always be on the lookout for tree diseases. Some tree diseases are more devastating than others; thus, they often require emergency tree service. We have mentioned them below so you can spot them early enough and increase the chances of your tree surviving an infection.

1. Fire Blight

Caused by the bacterium Erwina amylovora, fire blight is a disease that spreads fast and can cause extensive damage to trees. It mostly affects fruit trees such as pear and apple as well as ornamental species such as mountain ash and hawthorn. The name “fire blight” comes from how the disease makes infected trees look — a scorched appearance.

When the disease attacks a tree, you will first notice browning, blackening, or wilting branches and blossoms. If left untreated, the disease will progress and start attacking the branches, twigs, and trunk. The result is a “blighted” or “burned” appearance. Given that fire blight can lead to the death of a tree, it is advisable that you hire a professional arborist to trim the infected branches and apply antibacterial sprays if necessary.

2. Dutch Elm Disease

Dutch elm disease is equally dangerous and mostly affects elm trees. The disease is due to two species of fungi — Ophiostoma novo-ulmi and Ophiostoma ulmi. Ophiostoma novo-ulmi is more aggressive and affects a huge number of trees. When the disease attacks a tree, the fungus produces toxins, which trigger a defensive response from the tree.

This, in turn, makes the tree block its own vessels for producing water in an attempt to stop the fungus from spreading. When the water supply is disrupted, the leaves of the tree will start to wilt and yellow before the tree eventually dies. To prevent all these from happening, be keen to hire a professional tree care company that will treat the tree with fungicides, prune infected branches, and remove trees that are severely infected.

3. Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is a tree disease caused by the fungus Bretziella fagacearum. The disease affects all species of oak trees and once inside a tree, it attacks its water-conducting system. This, in turn, blocks the flow of nutrients and water. The blockage causes the leaves to turn bronze or brown and wilt before eventually falling off.

Oak Wilt often progresses really fast, and when conditions are right, it can lead to the death of a tree within a few weeks of infection. While the disease affects all species of oak trees, red oaks are particularly susceptible, and they normally die within a few weeks to half a year of infection. White oaks, on the contrary, are more resistant; hence, they usually survive an infection from oak wilt.

Although the above diseases are dangerous and spread quickly, they can be eliminated if detected early. An experienced arborist will prune the infected branches and inject fungicides if needed to help contain the disease. Call Triangle Tree Pros today to help you with emergency tree service in Raleigh, NC.