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When Do You Need Emergency Tree Service for Your Live Christmas Tree?

Decorating a live Christmas tree can be a highlight of the holiday season. A Christmas tree adorned with lights and ornaments looks so festive. If that tree is at risk of falling, though, you might require emergency tree service.

Problems With Freshly Cut Trees

For the most part, freshly cut Christmas trees should be able to last at least a few weeks in your home. To make sure your tree can stay steady, invest in a sturdy tree stand.

Sometimes, a live Christmas tree could start to look weak with discolored needles, brittle branches, and possibly wrinkled bark. Take these symptoms as a sign that you need to water your tree. Trees can drink as much as a gallon a day, so you’ll need to keep up with the demand. An automatic watering system might make it easier to regularly water your tree.

Another reason why a Christmas tree might be struggling to thrive is because it’s next to a heat source. These trees prefer cooler temperatures, so move your tree away from the heat so that it doesn’t suffer too much.

Live Christmas trees can also have dead or damaged branches. Feel free to cut off those damaged areas. Your tree will look more attractive, and it can focus all its attention on staying healthy.

Problems With Outdoor Christmas Trees

Outdoor evergreens that serve as Christmas trees can pose a greater risk due to their size. There are times when you’ll have to ask for professional assistance as soon as possible.

Trees Leaning Over Structures or Power Lines

If your evergreen is leaning over your home, another structure, or a power line, you might be concerned that it will fall and cause damage. If the tree is leaning more than 20 degrees or if it’s leaning in the direction of several dead branches, follow your instincts and ask a tree company to assess the situation. It may be likely to topple over soon, and this would definitely hamper your holiday celebrations.

An Unusual Amount of Branches Have Fallen

If multiple branches have already fallen, the chances are higher that other sections of the tree could follow suit. In this case, don’t wait for a major problem related to a vulnerable tree. Instead, call for help.

Exposed Roots

Unfortunately, tree roots can be exposed, and when this happens, the tree may fall. Multiple reasons could lead to exposed tree roots, including erosion, overly saturated soil, and an area that’s too small to accommodate roots.

Reach Out for Help

Indoor trees might have issues, but hopefully, you can remedy those on your own. In comparison, problems with outdoor trees may require speedy professional help.

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